'Everything Is Changing' debuts at #11 on the Dutch albums chart!

Hey everybody,

First of all, a HUGE thank you to each of you for your support regarding my new album. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!

Everything Is Changing was released exactly one week ago and today it debuts at #11 on the Dutch album charts. I am so thrilled with this result!!
I just had to share this with you all ;-)

We'll be announcing new dates & festival appearances soon. I can't wait to see and meet you all on the road!!

With massive love,

Anneke XxX


"Gefeliciteerd meid! Geniet ervan. Ik heb kaarten voor Leeuwarden, dan gaan wij ook even genieten. Tot dan! Groetjes, Ilse ps. Mocht je toch nog naar Groningen komen, dan komen wij ook :)"

ilse (Netherlands) Friday, January 27th 2012 at 21:52

"Looking forward to see you here in Portugal presenting your new work!! It's mesmerizing once more :)"

ogalho (Portugal) Saturday, January 28th 2012 at 01:54

"Thanks to you for having made such a great album in this period of musical desolation, it's so refreshing! And thanks for having included Italy in your tour! I'm *gathering* as many friends as I can and making a lot of noise over here to attract deserved attention to your Milan gig :) xxx"

Mike (Italy) Saturday, January 28th 2012 at 16:40

"Hello Annie! :) I'm so happy for you!! Congrats!! It's a fantastic, awesome album, I loooove it! My favorite track is '1000 Miles Away From You'. I have a little question ... If I order the album from your webshop, How many days (approx.) takes the shipment? Once again, congratulations for the album, I can't wait to see you in Chile, you're the best, I love you!!!! :) Hugs"

Silvana (Chile) Saturday, January 28th 2012 at 16:58

"Hi Silvana! My webshop currently ships within 1 or 2 working days. Delivery time for an order to Chile is somewhere between 10-20 working days. Bye, Anneke XxX"

anneke (Netherlands) Saturday, January 28th 2012 at 17:46

"Congratulations, Anneke, keep it up! For me You're already the number one!"

RX (Germany) Thursday, February 2nd 2012 at 20:27

"Hoi Anneke, ga zo naar je concert in Roosje. Ik hoorde toevallig van mijn ouders dat je bij hen in het dorp woont, bij hen om de hoek in het huis waar vroeger mijn Opa en Oma woonde. Tof. Rob ken ik nog van heel vroeger tijdens de bezoekjes aan de Roos in Deurne. Hij zat daar ook zo nu en dan een biertje te drinken. Groet, Ton de Kleijn ps fantastisch album!!!! "

ton (Netherlands) Thursday, February 9th 2012 at 19:03

"Any chance to see you in Lebanon?"

guitarfreak92 (Lebanon) Thursday, February 9th 2012 at 20:24

"zit net ff te kijken in de veronica gids en ik schaam me diep om nederlander te zijn.. anneke van giersbergen van plek 11 naar 19.. maar nieuwkomer op nummer 3.. de 3Jj's.. whoehoe! lange frans pakt nummer 7, gers pardoel pakt nummer 9, nick en simon nummer 12 ( vooruit blauzun op 14, dat mag, blaudzun is tof ), maar kom op.. waar zijn wij in nederland nu mee bezig... houden we van echte muziek.. of steunen we de josti-band! fuck anouk, fuck direct, fuck woest hijgende dinant nog-wat-hof, praise anneke!!"

henri123 (Netherlands) Sunday, February 19th 2012 at 01:11

"Hi Anneke!!!!!!!!!... Congrats!!!... I´m really happy, happy for you!... "Everything is changing" is a great album!... More power!!! And i love that! :D "Stay" is my favorite song!... Really!... Annie... Would you make a tour on Southamerica for this album?.... Would be great!!!!!!!... I´ll be there with my boy friend, he loves you!!!! Jajajaja... But i´m not jelousy , so it´s ok! Here in Chile All we waiting for you, and you know!... Many, many Kisses! Miss Irenka!"

Eleanora (Chile) Thursday, February 23rd 2012 at 13:51

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